Book Promotion: Charon UnguardedCharon Unguarded by A.H. Johnstone
Genres: Mythology, Fantasy

Ra has finally worked out how to escape the mortal world, the only problem is that he can't do it without help, and Loki isn't the most reliable of gods, in fact, he's far from it.

Charon, a one-time Ferryman of the Underworld, is now the doorman of a ‘disused’ office block, and he’s onto Ra’s plan. If only the gods hadn’t lost that drunken bet all those centuries ago, things would be very different. For a start, Ragnarök wouldn’t be on its way.

Maybe Charon is the only one who’s noticed. It seems like he’s the only one to care, but can he do anything about it? He’s going to try, but there are others who might profit from the situation, and the last thing he needs is to be caught defying a direct order from the Fae to stay out of it.

Charon Unguarded is a whimsical, mythology-based fiction and the first book in the Ferryman Saga.







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